Sunday, November 3, 2019 | 10 AM – 3:30 PM

E. Carroll Joyner Park | 701 Harris Rd. | Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587


  • 10 am SHARP "code blue" movie 1hr 40+ mins run time ends 11:40 am

  • 11:40 am to 11:50 am Movie Q & A with Executive Producer Dilip Barman

  • 11:50 am to 12:35 pm Dr. Bhakti Paul presentation

  • 12:35 pm to 1:15 pm Dilip Barman presentation

  • 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm Nelson Campbell presentation

  • 2:15 pm to 3 pm Katya Gorbacheva presentation

  • 3 pm to 3:30pm Josie Sianez presentation


10am | code blue screening

Would you change your habits to live a longer, healthier life? code blue provides the prescription to do just that. CodeBlue_poster.jpg 102 mins | USA | Documentary | Stereo | HD | NTSC code blue reveals lapses in the current state of medicine and provides a common sense solution by featuring the practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent, manage and reverse chronic diseases. The film presents the hurdles to the proposed shift: antiquated curricula in medical schools, confusion in the media, inadequate government policies, and the underlying influences of the pharmaceutical and food industries. code blue follows a passionate physician, Dr. Saray Stancic, as she reflects upon her journey from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to wellness through her own adoption of lifestyle medicine. Dr. Stancic introduces us to expert physicians and scientists who are paving the way to make meaningful and necessary change in our healthcare environment, and in turn, empowering audiences to stand up and reclaim control of their health.

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11:40am - 11:50am | Movie Q&A with Executive Producer Dilip Barman

Question and answer session following the code blue movie screening.

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11:50am - 12:35pm | Dr. Bhakti Paul

Dr. Bhakti Paul is a board certified endocrinologist with a Master's in Public Health Nutrition. She consults at North Raleigh Endocrinology. Her practice focuses on treating and reversing Type 2 Diabetes through lifestyle intervention. Dr. Paul's patients often refer to her as the "de-prescribing doc", due to her success in improving patient health to the point where they are able to discontinue complicated and expensive medications. Dr. Paul seeks to improve the overall health of her patients through a diet low in refined carbohydrates and rich in whole foods. For more information, visit her website

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12:35pm - 1:15pm | Dilip Barman

Dilip Barman has been advocating plant-based vegan lifestyles since the mid
1990s in Durham, NC.  He is a certified Food for Life instructor where he
teaches healthful eating through nutrition lectures and food demonstrations [], leads the Triangle Vegetarian Society where he
hosts the country's largest vegetarian Thanksgiving, is North American representative of the International Vegetarian Union, and on the Speaker's Bureau of the American Vegan Society. He is Executive Producer of the 'code blue' documentary  about veganism to maintain/restore health, and has presented on whole food plant-based eating, vegan ethics, vegetarian organizing, as well as given cooking demonstrations, internationally.

Some recent webinars and recorded demonstrations/talks include:, where he was part
of a group of well-known
speakers on the topic of healthy school lunches;, where he presented to park and recreation departments across NC about how to teach cooking classes;, preparing a signature dish of his;

* an hour-long food demonstration at
when he was an invited cooking instructor at the World Vegetarian Conference in San

* a podcast at .

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1:15 pm - 2:15 pm | Nelson Campbell

Nelson Campbell is the Founder of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities (PPC) and the PlantPure business. He also directed and wrote PlantPure Nation, a film which examines the political and economic factors that have suppressed information on the benefits of plant-based nutrition, while making the connections of this idea to medical practice, farming, food deserts and climate change. Nelson and the team at PPC support a network of local groups called Pods, now involving over 200,000 people. They also are spearheading an international coalition to raise public awareness of the food-climate connection and a moonshot project to bring nutrition education and affordable plant-based foods into underserved communities. Nelson has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University in political science and economics.

How You Can Participate in a Grassroots Strategy for Health, Environmental and Political Change Nelson Campbell and his team at the nonprofit PlantPure Communities, with support from the PlantPure foods and education business, are launching the “Healing Campaign” to scale a community-based model to promote the message of plant-based nutrition. The campaign began with an initiative in New York City with a large physician network to validate a key element of the model that enables physicians to prescribe a 10-day plant-based immersion to their patients. The next phase of the campaign is to launch the full community model across the US. and Canada, supported through a creative media strategy. In this presentation, Nelson will discuss the campaign, with a focus on how people can become involved in their local communities. The campaign is supported by a web-based platform that Pods and other groups can use to communicate, organize events, and most of all, to gain access to defined project strategies and resources. Nelson will discuss these project templates, sharing stories from the campaign, for the overall purpose of motivating VegFest attendees to become more engaged in their own communities.

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2:15pm - 3pm | Katya Gorbacheva

Katya Gorbacheva, a Russian powerlifter and champion OCB and NPC bikini bodybuilding athlete. As a natural vegan athlete, Katya has won an Overall Novice bikini title in NPC Atlantic Coast Championships, one of the largest bodybuilding shows in North Carolina going against meat-eaters and athletes on performance enhancing drugs. Also won Open and Overall bikini champion titles in the natural OCB Colonial Open bodybuilding show in Virginia in the spring of 2019. Totaling 7 awards from both shows.

Katya is a personal trainer with a passion to destroy bodybuilding community stereotypes that one needs animal products to train effectively as well as stay healthy, lean and muscular. She writes about psychology of body image, eating disorders and self help during stressful times, posts inspirational calisthenics and bodyweight workouts as well as recipe and health tips.

Katya provides a 30% discount for vegans for online training / transformations and in person out of RTP Fitness gym on Miami blvd. Email for details, or connect on Instagram or Facebook.

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3pm - 3:30pm | Josie Sianez

Josie is a mother, a wife, a life long resident of North Carolina, a long time vegan, and a zero waster. You can follow her journey on her seldom updated blog at, catch her at area talks, or join her zero waste efforts in the Facebook group Going Green!